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Sunnies in the Winter?!

Scarves, gloves, and hats are everyone’s go-to accessories in the winter. But what about sunglasses? Believe it or not, sunglasses aren’t just for the summer- they should be a year round accessory. The importance of protecting your eyes doesn’t go away in the dreary winter weather. In fact, when it’s snowy and windy out, your eyes need protection more than ever.

Sunglasses protect our eyes from the harmful UV rays given off by the sun. Long-term exposure to UV rays causes photokeratitis, or a “sunburn to the eye.” This condition often leaves your eyes red and sensitive to light. UV rays can also penetrate the eye’s surface and damage the cornea and other parts of the eye, leading to cataracts and macular degeneration. Some of the side-effects from these conditions include irritation, tearing, or even blindness, and unfortunately, they are all permanent. Most of the effects of UV radiation don’t show up until later in life, so even if your eyes feel fine now, if you aren’t careful, you’ll be experiencing some issues down the road. 

So why do we need sunglasses in the winter, when it seems like the sun has disappeared behind those big gray clouds? The sun’s UV rays are strong enough to penetrate through the clouds and still find a way to make into our eyes. Even if we don’t feel the sun’s glare, the rays are still in the air. To make matters worse, snow on the ground actually reflects most of the UV radiation up and back into our eyes, so we’re getting a double dose of rays. 


Weekend Playlist!

It’s finally the weekend! After a long week, it’s time to kick back, relax, and enjoy time with friends. Here are some of our top songs to rock out to this weekend. After you finish jammin', make sure you head to our site to check out the we have!

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DIY Glasses Chains!

Misplaced glasses are the worst! Finding them takes forever and it always seems to happen when you're in a rush. Glasses chains are perfect for keeping our lenses handy while not wearing them. These chains hook on to the temples of the frames and hang around a person's neck like a necklace—perfect for those who are constantly taking their frames on and off.  While the accessory may seem dated, there are enough different styles for every type of person, and these chains are very trendy right now! Follow our easy DIY guide to create a glasses chain that is perfect for you!

For those who are sweet and simple: The Beaded Chain

For original source click here. 

A beaded chain is perfect for those who love feminine accents.  Make this chain out of wire, any kind of bead, and small eyeglass hooks for the ends. Check out this tutorial done by Martha Stewart to learn how to make your own!

For those who are modern and chic: The Color-blocked Chain

For original source click here. 

A simple yet modernized style is perfect for you. Make this chain out of beads and wire, but use color-blocking to reflect your chic style! Check out this Etsy shop for inspiration! 


For those who are boho and artsy: The Crochet Chain

For original source click here.

Make this chain simply by crocheting a line and connecting hooks or small clips onto the ends.  Add small beads to add a pretty splash to your chain!

For those who are adventurous and active:

For original source click here. 

The Outdoor Chain Make a chain out of something that is a little more sturdy such as Paracord to secure your frames even more!  Follow these step by step instructions.

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