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The 411 on Polarized Lenses

At PAE, we always offer the very best in terms of quality, style, and price. One way we ensure our sunglasses provide top quality protection is by polarizing our lenses. Polarizing the lenses makes all the difference in how well your sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun. Many people aren’t aware of the difference polarized sunglasses can make, but once you see and experience the difference, it can hard to go back to anything less.

In order to understand the benefits of polarized sunglasses, it’s important to know how glare is caused. Think of light as a plane moving up and down or side to side. When light hits a shiny, smooth surface, such as water, asphalt, or a car, it is reflected horizontally. Most of the light we see day to day is reflected vertically. Horizontal light is much more intense and harder for us to see, thus causing glare. 

While glare reflected off the water during a day at the pool is just uncomfortable, glare from the road and other cars while driving can be dangerous. That’s where polarized sunglasses can be beneficial. While standard sunglasses weaken glare, polarized sunglasses contain a special filter to block out horizontal light, and this totally eliminates glare. Furthermore, standard sunglasses block out all forms of vertical light. Without some vertical light, images can appear a little blurry. Polarized sunglasses let in just enough vertical light to ensure images stay sharp.

The Babbit in Tortoise

Polarized sunglasses aren’t just perfect for driving. Any time you’re outdoors, such as in the water, playing sports, or taking a walking, polarized sunglasses come in handy. They let in just enough light to improve sharpness, while blocking out enough to keep eyes comfortable. 

If you find your sunglasses aren’t blocking out the sun enough, it may be the time to switch to polarized. All of Penn Avenue Eyewear’s sunglasses are polarized to offer an optimal sun protection and a quality outdoor experience. Without glare, everyday tasks such as driving become easier, and outdoor activities become more enjoyable. The second you make the switch to polarized, you’ll never go back.

Introducing Titanium Three-Piece Frames

A new style of glasses has joined the PAE lineup: Titanium three piece frames. These sleek, modern frames are made from titanium, one of the most lightweight materials available.

The Ethan in Burgundy with Lens Shape A

Though light and thin, titanium is incredibly durable. It’s corrosion resistant, so titanium glasses can last you a long time. Oil and sweat on the skin wears down most metals, but titanium is unaffected by facial acids, making it an ideal option for those who live active lifestyles or live in hot areas. Also, titanium retains its color much longer than most other metals. Overall, it’s a great material choice!

The Brian in Blue with Lens Shape B

One key feature of our titanium frames is their rimless lenses. Combined with the thin temples and bridge, these glasses feel virtually weightless when worn. Rimless glasses give a modern, trendy vibe and seem nearly invisible when you’re wearing them.

The Simplicity frame in Black with Lens Shape C

We offer six styles, and they are all available in three different lens shapes and three different colors, so you’re bound to found one that flatters you. Give these trendy frames a try, and feel the difference high-quality, lightweight metal can make.

Fashion for the Fourth

The Fourth of July is quickly approaching, which means red, white and blue everywhere.  Whether you’re going on a picnic or lounging at the pool, having a patriotic outfit is a must. Here’s some outfit inspiration featuring PAE glasses!

Picnic Lunch

Shirt, shorts, bracelet, glasses, shoes

For the Guys


Shirt, shorts, shoes, glasses, watch

Fireworks Downtown

Shirt, shorts, shoes, glasses, bag

Feeling Fancy

Dress, glasses, shoes, bracelet, clutch

Pool Day

Bathing suit, bag, shoes, glasses, cover-up

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