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Halloween Costume Ideas with Glasses

Costumes, candy, parties- it's hard to find a holiday quite as crazy as Halloween. Picking out a fabulous costume is supposed to be fun, but when you absolutely need glasses to see, finding the perfect costume presents a challenge. Instead of glasses distracting from your perfect costume, they can add to it! Here are four original and fun costumes that show off your PAE frame


Velma from Scooby Doo

Velma from Scooby Doo.png





Shirt,pants,bow tie,glasses,suspenders,shoes


Despicable Me Minion




Where’s Waldo

wheres waldo.png



Post Midterm Tunes

Midterms just ended and sweater weather is starting to smoothly settle in. Yea we know it can get hectic. But it's time to celebrate and relax! You made it half way through the semester! If you aced your midterms and want to unwind and have some fun by throwing a party... we have a few hot songs for you! 

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Inside Look New Fall Frames 2015

With the weather and leaves changing, fall is the perfect time to also change up your look! PAE has several new frames this season. Classic, stainless steel styles look good on everyone, they come in a range of colors, and they're only $99!

Stainless steel and crafted paper transfer were the go to choice for this line. The stainless steel not only adheres to the simple and chic look many of our customers love, but it also gives these frames a timeless look that will last for years to come.

The James

The crafter paper transfer gives our frames a unique look for our customers that love to embrace individuality. Our Amber Tortoise and Antique Tortoise paper transfers look classy yet trendy. 

The Thomas 

We decided to add a pop of color this fall to the Colleen. The Orchid color not only lightens up this new line, but it also fuses together the chic and distinctive look many customers want.


The Colleen 

The Andrew 

The Holden

The Jenna 

The Mark 

Check out the rest of our selection and let us know which style suits you! 

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