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Fun Winter Dates

The weather has been up and down, but now it is finally starting to feel like winter. Fun winter dates are always a way to get into the winter spirit. We here at PAE created a list of the best winter dates that will definitely bring you and your love closer. 

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Ice Skating

Ice skating can always be a romantic and fun date. Holding hands and trying to warm each other up while skating will give you tons of butterflies. On the other hand being clumsy and falling can make it a fun time filled with laughs.

Make a Gingerbread House Together

It’s holiday season, so why wouldn't you want to communicate with your love by building a gingerbread house? Hopefully, you two don’t eat all the frosting before the gingerbread house is done.

Hockey Game

Hockey games tend to get rowdy, but it might be a fun date night. Cheering on your home team against rivals with your love is always a good time. Not to mention all the crazed fans you will see. It can be a perfect date to bond all night.

The Improv

Going to a comedy club is perfect for the winter. You cannot go wrong being in a room filled with warmth and laughter. Tickets aren’t too pricey so make a date out of it over a weekend.

A Night Snowed in

Having a night in is for the romantic couple that just loves each other's company. Getting s’mores and lighting up a fireplace will be a fun way of connecting and talking through the night.

Although these dates are creative and thoughtful you should still head over to our frame selection to pick your love out something nice before the holidays.




Who Doesn't Want to Look Good This Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and many of us are going to be seeing family members we haven’t seen in a year or more. Obviously, family love is unconditional, but still, it’s fun to dress up and look nice on a holiday, and impress all the family members with an awesome sense of style! Here are some outfits for both men and women that can take you from Thursday football, to a nice dinner, to hitting the mall for Black Friday deals, all featuring PAE!

Turkey Dinner Party

Shirt, skirt, cape, glasses, shoes, tights, earrings, clutch, lipstick


The Casual Guy

Sweater, jeans, shoes, glasses, socks, belt, watch, cologne


On-the-Go for Black Friday

Shirt, leggings, glasses, bag, shoes, socks, barrettes, mug


The More Dressed-Up Guy

Shirt, pants, glasses, shoes, tie, belt, watch

Football in the Front Yard

Shirt, vest, pants, shoes, glasses, mittens, hat

PAE's November 20th Must Sees

It's finally Friday! The weather is cooling down... so the movies should sound like a great idea. Right? What better way to start off the weekend? There are a few hits at the box office that we recommend. We've listed a few films you may not have seen yet, or that are opening today. If you want to have a nice date night, family night,  girls or guys night out, or even alone time the movies is the place to go. Below is a list of a few movies available to see this weekend. Have a great and fun filled weekend! Don't forget to add extra butter to your popcorn. :-) Before you hit the theater check out our fall frames. 

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