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Team Member Spotlight: Ian

Here at Penn Avenue Eyewear we’re proud of a lot of things. We’re proud of our beautifully crafted frames and top-notch lenses, we’re proud of our community involvement, and we’re proud of our employees! So we’ve decided to start a new series of team member spotlights!

First Up: Ian

Ian is seen here wearing a buffalo horn frame - Jamie in Mixed Dark.

We sent Ian a little questionnaire…..here are his responses!

Name:  Ian Fitzpatrick (Fitz)
Job: Marketing
Favorite Frame: Jamie
Favorite part of working at PAE: Stylish frames and sunglasses for the price of FREE!
Favorite Book: Guinness Book of World Records
Favorite Album: Sidewalks by Matt and Kim
Pets: Tanger (Boxer)

Ian’s adorable dog Tanger!

Style Icon: Paul Bissonnette (editor’s note….we had to google it too)
Favorite Weekend Activities: Golf and tailgating with friends
Dream Vacation: Golfing around the world
Fun Fact: Won a Leonardo DiCaprio look-a-like contest

Hmmm….winning a Leo look-a-like contest? What do you think?

Buffalo Horn Frames: An Introduction

We are aware of no other frame material that has the warmth and feel of buffalo horn.  These frames are light weight and amazingly comfortable.  That is why horn frames have traditionally been sold in optical retailers for over $500 plus lenses.  Those days are over.  We have a relationship with a producer of high quality horn frames and have worked with them to produce our introductory horn collection consisting of six classic frame shapes.   Our horn frames are $295 including our Hi Vex lenses!  Now you can experience the luxury of horn without breaking the bank.

Our buffalo horn frames are made from the horn of domesticated Asian water buffalo.  These animals are domesticated and raised in Asia for dairy products, beef and as labor on farms.  None of these buffaloes are harvested only for their horn and nor are they from the wild.  Each of our frames is hand crafted from a piece of horn. Because of this, each frame is completely unique…like a fingerprint!

We could extol the virtues of these frames for hours, but here are our favorite points:

-    Buffalo horn frames are hypo-allergenic! Perfect for allergy sufferers!
-    These horns are lightweight, strong, and 100% natural
-    Each frame is one of a kind and if cared for correctly, can last a lifetime

Our frames come in varying shades depending on the horn used. We categorize these with descriptions.  Here are some of our designs in different color ranges:

The Arthur in Mixed Dark


The Blitzer in Bold


The Jamie in Onyx Mixed


Check out our selection here and let us know which is your favorite!


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