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Our In-House Lab!

Today we want to show you our in-house optical lab!

Our lab is located right in our office here in Pittsburgh, and it's where all of our glasses are custom edged according to each prescription that comes in.

We use a special kind of lens for our glasses, using a material called Hi-Vex.  It's a relatively new, lightweight lens material that allows for lower dispersion of light to provide clear, crisp optics.

These Hi-Vex prescription lenses are then cut down, "edged" and assembled into the frames by our experienced technicians, using the latest optical technology.  The lenses are treated with scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coating, along with a special EMI coating that protects against electromagnetic waves, and keeps your glasses from getting dusty!

Our lab technicians bring a ton of energy into our office, and it's always refreshing to hear the sound of their machines at work.  They take great pride in the glasses they produce, and we love to see the final product take shape right in our office!

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