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What We Believe

At Penn Avenue Eyewear we believe in a lot of things: quality eyewear, fashionable design, glasses at a reasonable price, and most importantly – giving back. All of our employees are active within the community; devoting time and energy to causes that speak directly to them. We also support a charity as a company: The Homeless Children’s Education Fund.


Founded in 1999, the Homeless Children’s Education Fund (HCEF) is a non-profit organization that  supplies direct educational support to homeless children. They make sure that these children have access to the same advantages as their peers. Whether by supplying computers, funding libraries, supporting lectures and the arts, HCEF works to make sure that a child’s education isn’t interrupted by unstable housing.

Check back to hear more about upcoming events and opportunities. In the meantime, click here to donate to the HCEF.

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