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Finding New Glasses Doesn't Have to be Hard!

Finding a new pair of glasses should be a fun and easy experience. But when faced with walls upon walls of eyewear choices, many either shy away from choosing or pick the first frame that looks ok. That's no way to pick a pair of eyewear. You wear your glasses all day - you should love them & they should look great on you, not just ok!

Here at Penn Avenue Eyewear, we're committed to making each customer's eyewear purchase a fun, easy and pleasurable experience.

Don't take our word for it though. Check out this awesome blog post by recent customer Chrystina Noel about her purchasing experience.

Chrystina chose to try our Lindsey, Austin, Shannon, Casey and Royale frames for her at-home try-on.

Chrystina showing off the frames (via her blog).

Her final choice was the Austin in black/crystal lime. (We think you look great in ALL of them!)

Want to try on your favorite frames before you make a decision? Head on over to our website and pick your favorites for an at-home try-on! Don't forget to take pictures like Chrystina and tag us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr!

Happy shopping, all!

Sunglasses: Your All-Season Accessory

It's that time of year again when we all trade our bathing suits, shorts and sunblock for boots, sweaters and coats. Don't toss your favorite sunglasses into the back of your closet just yet, though. 

Protecting your eyes from UV rays is just as important in December as it is in July. According to Susan Taub, assistant professor of ophthalmology at Northwestern University School of Medicine, in an interview with WebMD, the winter sun is actually more harmful that the blistering summer sun when it comes to your vision. Since the sun sits lower in the sky it increases your exposure to UV rays. 

The weather can also increase the sun's strength. According to the Vision Council of America, since snow is reflective, up to 85 percent of UV rays are reflected upward. This can make a number of outdoor activities dangerous without the proper eye protection. It is important that you choose sunglasses with the right level of protection. You should look for a pair that fits properly and has 100 percent UVA and UVB protection. Polarized and anti-reflective lens treatments will also help reduce potential damage and improve your vision by reducing glare and blocking harmful light. 

Sunglasses can also help when driving through wintry weather, but only if you have the right kind. Polarized sunglasses can improve your vision when driving through heavy rain because they block obstructive horizontal light rays. Many optometrists warn that it is not safe to wear any type of sunglasses at night, whether it is raining or not.

To protect your eyes this winter, check out Penn Avenue Eyewear's collection of sunglasses (pictured above)! 

Safe travels!

What's the deal with tortoiseshell?

Look around at today's fashion trends and surely you'll see tortoiseshell everywhere. From hair accessories to home goods to clothing and everything in between, but nowhere is tortoiseshell more readily used than in eyewear.

Tortoiseshell has a long history of being used to make goods of all types. Used primarily because of its aesthetic appeal, the highly marbled bright tones of amber, black and dark brown found in the coloring of the hawkskbill turtle made this species' shell particularly desirable.

Penn Avenue Eyewear's Joan frame (left) in crystal tortoise and August frame (right) in tortoise are perfect examples of traditional tortoiseshell coloring.

The earliest uses of tortoiseshell date back to early Chinese and Japanese decorative items, such as bowls. Tortoiseshell was also used by the Ancient Greeks and early Romans in jewelry, hair ornaments and hairbrushes, and during the Renaissance period in frames, tea sets and jewelry boxes.

Tortoiseshell eyewear first became widely popular in the early 1900's and was first made famous by comedian Harold Lloyd. Other famous individuals who donned tortoiseshell frames include John Mallord William Turner, an English watercolorist who laid the foundation for Impressionism artists, British inventor William Henry Fox Talbot, Pope Pius IX and Charlotte Bronte. Tortoiseshell sunglasses first became popular in the 1950's. 

Due to the high demand for tortoiseshell and the declining number of hawksbill turtles, use of the shells was outlawed in the 1970's and the hawksbill turtle was placed on the endangered species list. Today, tortoiseshell glasses are made of plastics and other materials, and include a number of variations on the coloring. People of all backgrounds can be seen with tortoiseshell eyewear today, including many celebrities, such as Ryan Gosling, Jennifer Aniston and Bruno Mars, among others.

Penn Avenue Eyewear's Caitlin frame in berry tortoise (left) and emerald tortoise (right) illustrates just two of the many variations on the iconic coloring.

Don't forget to check out Penn Avenue Eyewear's extensive collection of tortoiseshell eyewear for both men and women!

Inside Look: Frame Design

Ever wondered what goes into designing a pair of PAE frames?

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at a style drawing from one of our in-house designers.  As you can see, a lot of technical work goes into each pair!  Our designers draft and re-draft these types of model drawings, until they get the proportions *just* right.  Then these act as a blueprint for our manufacturers with the exact measurements of what-goes-where.

To view all of our current styles click here for men and here for women. What's your favorite style?


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