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Team Member Spotlight: Julia

So far we've introduced you to some of the men here at Penn Avenue Eyewear: Rob, Mark, Sertac and Ian. Now it's time to introduce you to the ladies of Penn Avenue Eyewear. First up - Julia!

We asked Julia the same questions we asked the guys and here are her answers!

Name: Julia
Job: PAE intern. By day, though, I'm a Communications and Studio Arts major at Pitt.
Favorite Frame: the Nicky in red (pictured above), but I also love the new Caitlin frames!
Favorite part of working at PAE: The people! Everyone here is really fun and different, and we all get along.
Favorite Book: Timequake (or pretty much anything) by Kurt Vonnegut
Favorite album: Plastic Beach by Gorillaz
Pets: I don't live with any, but my parents' pets still have a hold on my heart: our dog, Toto, and our cat, Sweet Pea.

We see why Julia loves them so much! They're adorable!

Style Icon: When I'm not in the office, I usually look like Zoe Barnes from House of Cards....
Favorite Weekend Activities: Sleeping in, drawing in coffee shops and thrift shopping!
Dream Vacation: Northern California
Fun Fact: I once did the chicken dance with Bruce Springsteen at a wedding. We were too young to know who he was, but he asked my sister and I to dance with him!

Here's Julia again, making friends with the fish in our lobby!

Team Member Spotlight: Mark

We’ve already introduced you to Ian and Sertac, now it’s time for Mark!

Once again we handed out our questions…here are Mark’s responses.

Name: Mark Skladany
Job: Lab Technician
Favorite Frame: Lewis
Favorite part of working at PAE: Working with such a wonderful staff.
Favorite Book: No One Here Gets Out Alive, the biography of Jim Morrison.
Favorite Album: Pink Floyd’s The Wall
Pets: 2 Dogs, a Shi Tsu named Princess and an Australian Shephard named Bandit
Style Icon: Jim Morrison
Favorite Weekend Activities: Playing Music, Cooking, Drinking Wine
Dream Vacation: Jamaica
Fun Fact: I’ve been in the eyeglass business since I was 16 years old. I started in 1985. That’s 28 fun years!

Mark is one of our expert lab technicians who works in house. We love having him as a part of the team!

Team Member Spotlight: Rob

As a reminder, you’ve already met Ian, Sertac, and Mark. Now we introduce you to Rob!

Rob rocking the Sinclair.

We asked Rob our same questions…here are his responses!

Name:  Rob
Job:  Minister of Awesome.  Or accounting and operations.  Same difference.
Favorite Frame:  For myself: Remington – Gunmetal.  For comedic purposes:  Lewis – Black.
Favorite part of working at PAE: Working for a small, vibrant company.  That, and we have a Keurig.
Favorite Book: A History of Warfare by John Keegan.  
Favorite Album: 40oz to Freedom by Sublime
Pets: My pound puppies: Hank (Black Lab mix) and Jiminy (American Bulldog mix)

So cute!

Style Icon: Weird Al Yankovic
Favorite Weekend Activities:  Going on a hike with my dogs.

Dream Vacation: Alaska or outer space
Fun Fact:  Contrary to popular belief, there is indeed a speed limit for all roads in the state of Montana.  Up until the 1970’s gas crisis the daytime speed limit on highways in Montana was whatever was considered ''reasonable and proper.''   When a federal law restricting the speed limit on highways to 55 mph was lifted in 1995, Montana highways reverted to the previous law of “reasonable and proper.”  This only lasted until 1998, when the Montana Supreme Court ruled that “the law was unconstitutionally vague and did not give drivers fair notice of what speed was fast enough to be illegal.”  Thus a daytime speed limit of 75 mph for interstate highways and 70 for state highways is now the legal standard in Big Sky Country.
Source: http://www.nytimes.com/1998/12/25/us/montana-s-speed-limit-of-mph-is-overturned-as-too-vague.html

Here's Rob again!

Team Member Spotlight: Sertac

Here’s another edition of our team member spotlight. We previously introduced Ian…next up: Sertac!

We sent Sertac our little questionnaire…here are his repsonses!

Name: Sertac Sahin  
Job: Logistic Coordinator
Favorite Frame: Jack
Favorite part of working at PAE:
My favorite part about working for PAE is the company culture. We have an entrepreneurial spirit, which inspires creative freedom among all employees.  We are empowered to come up with new ideas and take action.
Favorite Book: I love to read books when travelling on the road, and the Nile Rodgers autobiography 'Le Freak' really impressed me!
Favorite Artists: Prince, MJ, Zapp, The Gap Band, Nile Rodgers
Pets:  Baisha: She is our queen at home. I’m sure you know how golden retrievers are.

Sertac’s Golden Retriever, Baisha. Noshing on some delicious corn?

Style Icon: Ryan Gosling
Favorite Weekend Activities: Djing and traveling and when I have time. Working a lot of hours in my home studio and cooking new projects - you can check out my music at : www.sertac-sahin.com or www.soundcloud.com/sertacsahin
Dream Vacation: Traveling the world!
Fun Fact: When I came to America, I didn’t know ANY English and am still working on it :)

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