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Fall Must Do's For the Adventurous Spirits

Summer is long over, and that means warm temperatures and sunny days are saying bye along with it. While we love the colorful leaves and crisp air of fall, it can be hard not to miss the bright skies and warm sun of summer, especially when the cold weather coops us up inside! It’s hard not to miss the warm weather and all the fun outdoor adventures that came with it, like zip lining and rock climbing. Though cold weather is no excuse to quit being active, it’s much easier to be active in the summer months. Luckily, many fun outdoor activities normally reserved for the summer are now offered indoors!

Indoor Ziplining

Ziplining through tree tops in the summer is an amazing adrenaline rush. Crazy as it sounds, zip lining indoors is completely possible! Indoor zipline parks have been popping up everywhere, and they make it possible to enjoy this summer activity year round.

Zipcity in Cleveland, OH 

Trampoline Parks

Who said trampolines are just for kids? Indoor trampoline parks and bounce houses are such a blast, and a great workout! It uses all your muscles, improves balance and is great cardio. Sky Zone is one of the biggest trampoline parks in the U.S. and Canada. View a list of all their locations here.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Rock Walls

Another great way to enjoy summer fun during the colder months is indoor rock climbing walls. It’s something the whole family can enjoy, and it’s seriously such a good upper body workout. Finding an indoor rock wall isn’t hard at all! Even some fitness gyms offer a climbing wall, but the best can be found at indoor rock climbing parks. Most offer walls for all different skill levels and ages, and they typically provide training to make sure you stay safe.

High Point Climbing Gym in Chattanooga, TN

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