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So Vintage!

Vintage... Antiques... 

These seem like trends of 2015. More and more people heading to thrift stores and transforming something old to new! Whether it's a sweater or jeans people have found ways to make the 90's (and earlier) trendy. That's one reason why we decided to add antique metals to our new frame line to match perfectly with the thrift shop clothing in your closet. We've searched high and low online to make a list of consignment shops and thrift stores that carry items that pair perfectly with any of our antique or tortoise frames. Happy shopping!

We're sure you'll find something totally worth buying on one of these online boutiques and stores, but don't forget to look at our antique frames to pair with your new buys!  


The James in Antique Bronze will be perfect for your new vintage buys 

The Thomas in Antique Tortoise is the best match for your vintage full closet 

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