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Spotlight: Simple Sugars

Last month we met with the lovely Lani Lazzari; creator, owner and CEO of Pittsburgh-based skincare company Simple Sugars!

Lani's vision was to create skincare products that were free of harmful chemicals and damaging artificial colors and fragrances.  What she came up with was a line of sugar-based scrubs made from all-natural ingredients that worked perfectly with her sensitive skin.  She gave us an inside look at her (very pink) office.  We were impressed to see the amount of work and care that goes into each little tub of scrub, and we are all about local, home-grown businesses. She started the company after making a batch of scrubs for family and friends, and has been up and running publicly since 2006!

On the theme of pink, we picked out some fun frames we thought would suit her. The Shannon, August and Morgan come in a clear, bright Crystal Violet color. We also showed her our Collins frame, that come in a more vibrant pink.  For contrast, we put in some bold black Babbit and Patrick frames.

We were happy to meet and share our frames with this young entrepreneur and fellow Pittsburgher.  For more information about her products, check out her website.  She chose to keep a pair of our black on the outside, pink on the inside Austin frames, which you can find here.

Pittsburgh Fashion Blog

A couple of weeks ago, we were introduced to Leann, who blogs over at the Pittsburgh Fashion Blog. She tried out our home try on and posted about her experience!

The at home try on packaging!


The beautiful Leann, in her chosen pair!


To read more about Leann's experience (and see her in all the frames!) check out the post here.

PAE In The News!

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette's Style Expert, Sarah Bauknecht recently stopped by a morning news show to talk about sunglasses to fit your face. Two Penn Avenue Eyewear styles were featured! Check out the video!






The two pairs of sunglasses featured were:


                        The Arthur                                        The August - Crystal Violet


To view all of our sunglass styles, click here! We assure you there's a shape for everyone!

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