Arthur - Mixed Dark

This frame is the opposite of color 03. The base color of the frame is darker with some blonde and gray overtones. Typically, these frames are bold and bring out the natural randomness of horn.

Rounded lens shape which features a keyhole bridge. The Arthur’s keyhole bridge is slightly higher and narrower than the Chester. Two small silver accent pieces on the front.

Width, Face Shape, & Color:
Arthur Mixed Dark Buffalo Horn GlassesArthur Mixed Dark Buffalo Horn GlassesArthur Mixed Dark Buffalo Horn Glasses
Shape Up

A best fit for these face shapes

Face Shape
Narrow, Medium, Wide
Frame Size
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Includes Hi-Vex Perscription Lenses
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Hi-Vex is a relatively new lens material that has been introduced in the United States without the marketing glitz or fanfare associated with mass produced lenses.

Hi-Vex is 10x stronger than the standard CR-39 plastic lenses and its optical clarity is excellent as noted by its high ABBE value. The ABBE value is a measurement of a lens material’s dispersion of light and the level of chromatic aberration or “color fringing”. A lower ABBE value means the lens has a greater dispersion of light and this leads to unwanted chromatic aberration. Likewise, a lens with a higher ABBE has less chromatic aberration and produces superior optics. A typical polycarbonate lens offered by our competitors as a “premium” lens has an ABBE value of between 29 and 32. Our Hi-Vex lenses have an ABBE value of 46! Additionally, Hi-Vex is a lightweight lens material that has a refractive index of 1.56. While Hi-Vex may cost more than CR-39 or polycarb, we believe your vision is worth it!

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According to a recent study by the Vision Council of America, over 70% of adults and teens suffer from digital eye strain.


Today’s computer screens, smart phones, tablets and LED televisions emit excessive amounts of violet/blue light. This light from electronic devices can cause eyestrain, fatigue and other vision problems. Give your eyes some relief with Penn Avenue Eyewear’s new computer lenses, designed to reduce harmful blue light and alleviate digital eyestrain while improving visual clarity.

Penn Avenue Eyewear’s computer glasses feature lenses with a special coating that deflects a portion of the violet/blue light spectrum. Unlike other companies that offer computer glasses with yellow or amber tinted lenses to absorb blue light, our lenses feature a special coating that actually deflects the blue light off the front of the lens. Our computer glasses are made from a prescription quality 1.56 index lens and are available in plano (non-powered) or reading powers from +.25 to +1.50 in .25 increments. All lenses are clear and treated with a special coating that deflects blue light.

Wear contact lenses? The plano or the +.25 (for slight magnification) are perfect for you. Normally wear a reading glass? You’ll want to divide that power by half to come up with the perfect intermediate distance power for working on your computer.

For more information about digital eye strain and the hazardous effects of blue light on your eyes, visit our friends at the Vision Council and read their most recent studies on harmful blue light. You can read their study here.